Here are some tips from 2015 on how to improve your newsletters:

  1. Write your e-newsletter as an email to a favorite client – don’t add graphics, don’t use headers or footers instead just keep it a simple plain text email.  You’ll be amazed at the response. This keeps it personal and helps you avoid sounding like a salesman.
  2. Add a contest or giveaway – give your customers a reason to open these emails, keep it fun.
  3. Keep it simple, too much information and they will pass it by.
  4. Make sure you have one goal in mind and create a strong call to action for that goal in a color that stands out – to invite the reader to take action.
  5. Test it – send it out, look at it on your mobile device and make sure it looks good on a smart phone.
  6. Pair down the copy – take out all the unnecessary copy, keep it as simple as possible.
  7. Bold important concepts
  8. Use strong sub heads to break out copy.  Think of those sub heads as headlines and take time to make them catch the eye.
  9. Send the Enewsletter from a Human Being – instead of sending it from a company  name use a real person’s name.
  10. Use an outside service:  I’m still amazed to find clients emailing mass emails from their personal accounts.  This is a great way to get your email blacklisted and you won’t have deduping and proper unsubscribes.  So most likely, you are not following the law.
Create more local leads online via email marketing

Create more local leads online via email marketing

100 Spam Trigger Words & Phrases To Avoid

(Note: I am going to assume you are not using words like sex, Viagra and other spam filter trigger words in an honest e-campaign, so obvious ones like that have been intentionally left out of this list.)

100% satisfied
Accept credit cards
Act Now!
Additional Income
All natural
All new
Apply online
Best price
Billing address
Buy direct
Call free
Can’t live without
Cards Accepted
Cents on the dollar
Click / Click Here / Click Below
Click to remove
Compare rates
Cost / No cost
Dear friend
Do it today
Extra income
For free
Free and FREE
Free installation
Free leads
Free membership
Free offer
Free preview
Free website
Full refund
Get it now
Giving away
Increase sales
Increase traffic
Information you requested
Investment / no investment
Investment decision
Marketing solutions
Message contains
Month trial offer
Name brand
No gimmicks
No Hidden Costs
One time / one-time
Order / Order Now / Order today / Order status
Orders shipped by priority mail
Please read
Potential earnings
Print out and fax
Real thing
Removal instructions
Risk free
Satisfaction guaranteed
Save $
Save up to
Search engines
See for yourself
Serious cash
Special promotion
The following form
US dollars
Work at home

Bottom line: Avoid using these spam filter trigger words in your e-campaign subject line if you can. Be creative, and find a different way to say it!

The Internet Has Changed the Sales Cycle Causing the Purchase Market to Change, Buyers Have EVOLVED and Acquiring Customers has Changed!

With the advent of the internet and social media sites has changed how buyers shop. Prior to the internets explosive growth phenomenon when a buyer needed a product they would turn to a local salesman, request brochures and other information from which to make their decision. Sales teams were the sole focus for information to make a purchase and involved early in the process. Decisions were made from the information of that sales force. Today, buyers no longer need to engage with a sales force to get the necessary information for the early stages of the buying cycle. Buyers now come to the point of purchase fully informed from online research by learning about the sellers’ product and services offering, product reputation, history without ever talking to the sales force. Buyers have compared comparable product offerings and pricing before ever seeking to make a purchase. They determine who has the best value proposition and control the purchasing process now.

This monumental shift of the control of the buying cycle has now moved from the seller and the power moved to the buyer. Buyers no longer need informed sales forces to guide them. As a fact if we engage a sales force with the buyer too early we risk losing the sale entirely.

Success in the buying cycle now is all about marketing intimacy of your prospective demographic. Understanding your target audience, targeting your message and talking to them in the language of the product offering as they know or understand it is more critical than ever. Focusing on the right channels by creating the right memorable communication experiences is the new closing modality that will resonate and convert.

(This new internet buyer is highly knowledgeable of the product offering and by such has created a more challenging environment for marketers who seek to drive high quality leads to their sales team. Quality leads is about being ever present in finding the right people at the right time.)